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Hey! I checked out your game! For a one man job I'm amazed. The graphics were good looking. The gameplay is pretty good as well. Although how do i find out who the suspect is? I tried interacting and walking around the whole house. It shows no clues, unless is hasn't been added yet? Overall I'd say this game can be pretty good. Finding out who the criminal is and pointing which it is.

Hope you don't mind I made a let's play! :)


Hello !
I loved your video!
We must look at the evidence to know who is the suspect among the 5! The suspect and the evidence are randomly generated by an AI! Evidence can not be recovered! It's up to you to remember and find the most evidence in 180 minutes! After 180 minutes the game offers you 4 suspects or the suicide of the preseration, according to the evidences seen and given details sure the suspect must find who is the suspect among those presented!

Thank you for taking the time to make a video!

The game is in Z Q S D because in Europe keybord are AZERTY and not QWERTY ! You can easily change this with the program before

launching the game ("input" case)